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  • Meet Epic Settlement Processor - Rebecca Garis

    Posted in Meet the Team on Apr 05, 2021.

    Rebecca Garis.jpg Rebecca Garis is fairly new to the title industry, but she’s no stranger to learning something new and tackling the challenges put in front of her. The proud mother of two boys, and owner of over 45 animals in her lifetime, says she’s currently transitioning from a long career in healthcare to a new career as an Epic Settlement Processor.

    “In healthcare, I started as a wage payroll employee and worked my way to management,” she said.

    While Rebecca notes there are many differences between the two careers, some things are similar.

    “In at least one respect, Title is a lot like healthcare - be pr...

  • Meet Our Processing Manager - Jane Haranin

    Posted in Meet the Team on Mar 29, 2021.


    Jane Haranin has come a long way since leaving the 3,000-acre sheep farm in Australia where she grew up. After stints as a cruise director and an English teacher in Japan, today, Jane is the Epic Settlement Processing Manager. 

     “At age 17 I went on an exchange program to Japan,” said Jane. “When I returned to Australia, I studied at Flinders University and then obtained my post-grad at James Cook University.”  

    After school, Jane began her career as a Cruise Director on a boat called the Proud Mary. For three years she cruised the Murry River.   

    She then decided to return to Japan to teach ...

  • Flexibility is Key in a Changing Title Industry

    Posted in General on Mar 29, 2021.


    As many of our readers know, real estate closings traditionally happen during regular business hours. This is because mortgage companies, regular taxing authorities, and courthouse recording departments are open then and can be available for last-minute questions.

    As we also know, though, the real estate industry is active 24-7. A title company needs to be flexible to help facilitate closings.

    “Being flexible for our clients has always been a priority,” said Lisa Peters Brown, Owner/President of Epic Settlement. 

    Early morning, evening and Saturday hours are available by appointment, and mail...

  • Title Business Changes Benefit Consumers 

    Posted in General on Mar 22, 2021.

    by Tim Fleming, Esq.

    Tim Fleming, Esq. has been of Counsel with Epic Settlement for the past 11 years.

    I started my legal career over 43 years ago when I joined the Syracuse law firm of Hiscock, Lee, Henley and Barclay in 1978 as a title examiner in their real estate department. At that time, abstracting companies performed title searches only, and left the business of title examination, title approval, and real estate closings to attorneys and high-priced law firms.

    Of course, today, all of that has changed for the better of the consumer by streamlining and delegating duties and responsibilit...

  • EPIC Response to COVID-19 

    Posted in General on Mar 15, 2021.

    Having been in business for almost 27 years, you’d think Epic Settlement had seen it all. However, the arrival of COVID-19 in March of 2020 was proof to the contrary. 

    Most people vividly recall where they were when the order came for all non-essential businesses to close. While this sounded simple, it quickly became clear businesses would have to come up with new ways of doing things they normally took for granted.  

    Epic Settlement closed its offices, moved files home with processors, and relied on its advanced IT cloud service to keep things moving.

    “I spent the better part of the first sta...