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Meet Epic Settlement Processor - Rebecca Garis

Rebecca Garis.jpg Rebecca Garis is fairly new to the title industry, but she’s no stranger to learning something new and tackling the challenges put in front of her. The proud mother of two boys, and owner of over 45 animals in her lifetime, says she’s currently transitioning from a long career in healthcare to a new career as an Epic Settlement Processor.

“In healthcare, I started as a wage payroll employee and worked my way to management,” she said.

While Rebecca notes there are many differences between the two careers, some things are similar.

“In at least one respect, Title is a lot like healthcare - be prepared for anything!” she said. “If you are detail-oriented and a perpetual learner, Title is a really great career fit.”

Rebecca is currently studying to become a Licensed Title Agent. In Title, she enjoys that one day is always different from the next and that each client file is unique. She says it’s always an adventure and one of her favorite parts is meeting new people.

“Epic Settlement is a team-oriented and professional environment,” she noted. “We are providing ethical and accurate work with definitive outcomes for our clients.”

On a personal level, she says she feels appreciated as a team member at Epic Settlement.

While making the transition from healthcare to Title is not one that Rebecca expected, she ponders the timing of a message from Epic Settlement’s Processing Manager, Jane Haranin.

“At one point, Jane texted me about a potential job opening,” she said. “and I remember thinking, hmmmm…I can’t overlook that timing!”

In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her family. One of her sons is an Assistant Fire Chief of Boalsburg Fire Company. The other is a firefighter, also with Boalsburg Fire Company, who recently retired from the United States Marine Corps.

Rebecca is a bit of an outdoorswoman. Her hobbies include hiking, backpacking, kayaking, fishing, and hunting. The 45 animals she’s owned include everything from dogs and parakeets, to horses and hamsters.

She holds a B.S. in Health Policy and Administration. In addition to past work in healthcare, Rebecca is a former EMT and a former member of the Susquehanna Conference Disaster Response Team.  

Posted in Meet the Team on Apr 05, 2021.