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Learning to successfully adapt to change, again.

We at Epic Settlement will be continuing to monitor the situation under the COVID-19 Yellow Phase. We will take all proper precautions to ensure the safety of our clients, partner clients and staff by wearing masks and gloves, social distancing and limiting the number of in-person meetings to the bare minimum.

I will be working with a limited staff in-office 8:30am to 5pm M-F and our processors will telecommute.

I will see clients by appointment only and we request all clients wear the appropriate face covering as they would in any retail business.

We will forward closing documents for review prior to closing for a more efficient signing. Closings will be held in our atrium with one or two clients that sign highlighted documents already placed on the table. We request that photo identification be texted or emailed to us, then clients will depart and we will collect the docs for notarization. I will be present but across the room to answer any questions during signing.

To be in compliance with our Yellow Phase status by the Dept of State we will be limiting the number of people in attendance: please no buyers agents, no loan officers in attendance during the closing and signing. Listing agents may sign via printing settlement statement email, sign, scan and send back via email.

Checks can be picked up outside of our office door or mailed.

This is for the safety of our clients, our realtor and lender partners and our staff at Epic.

I am happy to say that now I am an Electronic Notary and chose DocVerify as our vendor for remote online notarizations.

The Bill is still clearing the House Committee under HB2370 of 2020 and passed the Senate under SB1097 of 2020, which allows for RON in PA. It is true we have a temporary Bill SB841 that allows for RON during COVID-19 as an emergency bill. I have not found a lender in PA that will allow their docs to be signed electronically and remotely notarized. I believe this will happen soon when the bills are through both Senate and House as permanent RON Bills. I will keep you posted.

I heard from Joe Davidson today, and beginning 5/8/2020 the Recorder of Deeds will operate between the hours of 8:30am and 4pm. Filing electronically and by mail only. I will keep you posted if hours change next week.

As I always say, any monkey could be trained to do my job, it is the one who arrives at solutions and resolves problems is the one who is set apart as the expert.

These are definitely trying times but full of so much opportunity to successfully help our clients and local community!

Sincerely (your masked title nerd),

Lisa Peters Brown